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Blue Dandelion Dream Pillow

Blue Dandelion Dream Pillow


This dream pillow is made from the finest iridescent silks. A photograph by Lisa Chun is slipped behind a sheer silk voile casing and the pillow is filled with pure lavender buds from France. This natural fragrance will last a long time. Simply squeeze (but squeeze gently so you don't crush the real photo that's in there!)to refresh and keep out of direct sun to help preserve its quality. Place the pillow near or on your bed for relaxation or anywhere that needs a bit of beauty and nurturing. The lavender scent will soothe and calm your nerves. A beautiful gift for any occasion.

Dimensions: Approx 6.5" x 5.5" rectangle - please note this a very small, beautifully scented pillow, not a full size bed or couch pillow.

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