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Tell the Story

Tell the Story

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Archival pigment print on beautiful art paper.

Unframed. Please allow 1-2 weeks for printing and delivery.

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I made this collage during a very interesting time in my life. I used to obsess about Paris and sometimes I would go there and swoon over the light and the beauty and refinement of the things I encountered. The words come from a longer poem (I tend to write almost exclusively long poems and what you see in the collages are snippets and high points from these longer works. I was about to hit a crucial point where, in order to be true to myself, I needed to shed many ideas and beliefs I had clung to previously. What started to come up in that process was all the pain that my masks were hiding. So much of my work is about different aspects of this process as I experienced it and worked through it. It’s the color and shape of love as it becomes a real thing.

Another interesting story about this collage: When I had this image hanging up in my stall at the outdoor market where I sold my work in Santa Fe, NM for many years, a woman walked up and was looking at it and she said she was from Arlington, VA, the same city where I’d spent the prior ten years, and looking at the photo in the collage (which I had taken in Paris and had printed dozens and dozens of copies of it by hand in the darkroom) she said it reminded her of someone she knew once - and as she described this person I (oh my god) recognized her as someone I had actually printed side by side with in the darkroom in Arlington!

If that’s not synchronicity, I don’t know what is.